Frequently Asked Questions

What is Seattle Auto Loans?

Seattle Auto Loans helps residents of Seattle, who need financing for a car, get approved for competitive auto loans.

How long will it take before I get a decision?

We usually give the decision in a few minutes. We will contact you immediately after you send your application. It rarely takes 24 hours before we provide a decision.

What's next after I get approved?

After our Finance Department approves your application, we will contact you immediately to set an appointment where we can discuss with you in person the terms and other details involved in the process.

Am I limited to choose only certain types of car?

No. You can pick your own car and we will work on getting that car financed. 

How much is the down payment?

Our goal is to get you approved for an auto loan where you don’t have to pay the down payment. However, that depends on several factors. It’s best to file your application first so we can place you in the best deal.

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