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First Time to Buy a Car? Here’s How

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Seattle is, unfortunately, one of the cities in the United States with the worst commute. That’s because many people spend so much time traveling to and from work here. And not only that, some people spend more time than driving taking the mass transit travel. If you find yourself in the same situation, you would be thinking that driving your way to work could be a better life.

Here at Seattle Auto Approval Center, we let you choose your car. However, if this is your first time to buy a car, you need to know some basics of car buying before heading to a dealership. Let us help you get through the process by giving you simple and helpful tips in buying your first car. (Source)

Start with research, not shopping.

The process of buying your first car starts not with visiting dealerships or looking at online inventories but with doing your homework. Yes, a successful car purchase is usually the result of much reading and planning. What do you need to know about?


  • What kind of car will best suit my needs? To answer this question, you need to read reviews of various car models, lists, and the like. Later, you’ll learn how to separate your needs from your wants.
  • Where can I buy this model in Seattle? After picking a car, it’s time to find out which dealership or seller has it in stock. Compare the prices as well.
  • What’s the best way to purchase this car? There are more than a couple of auto financing options available. You can buy the car with cold cash, lease it or take out a loan. We’ll talk more about financing below.


Fix the price.

Set your budget before walking into a dealership. Also, when we say “set,” it means firmly establishing the number. Believe it or not, many car buyers fail to stick with their budget. They are willing to compromise when they see a more beautiful car. However, a small compromise can later turn into big trouble. To avoid that, commit as early as now to stick with your budget.

In setting your budget, you need to consider your monthly net income and your expenses. Financial advisers say that the remaining amount after all the taxes and costs have been deducted from your monthly take-home is the amount you could spend on a car. However, it’s not just the car. There’s also gas, maintenance, and repair costs, insurance, warranty and, maybe, loan payments.

Please read about the costs of owning a car so you can factor them in when you create your budget. A good source would be


Create a list of needs vs. wants.

Take a quick look at the first tip. Notice that you have to find the car that best suits your needs and not your wants. This is your first time to buy a car, and you don’t want to overspend. To avoid that, create for yourself a list of the features and quality you need and want in a car.

To help you weigh things, think about safety features vs. image. It’s not wrong to choose a car based on some of your wants. However, your choice should heavily depend on what you need rather than on what you want.


Talk to us about financing.

Seattle Auto Approval Center is your nearest and most reliable source for an auto loan in Washington. You can contact us today, and we’ll be there to guide you.

In the meantime, brief yourself about auto loans. It’s best to compare at least three offers from different lenders before taking an offer. This increases your chances of getting the best auto loan.


Never skip inspection and test drive.

Make sure to run an inspection on a used car before buying it. You can bring it to a reliable mechanic or do a simple check yourself—if you know how to. This is to avoid taking home a lemon or a used car that’s a clunker.

However, in any case, always take the car you’re about to buy for a real drive. Dealers usually allow 15 to 20 minutes to test drive. However, if you feel this is inadequate to evaluate the car thoroughly, don’t hesitate to request for extension or drive it again. Inspection and test drive are important pre-purchase steps so you won’t regret buying that car in the end.


Read thoroughly before signing the paperwork.

Before affixing your signature on those papers be sure to read them first, especially the contract, familiarize yourself thoroughly with the terms and conditions discussed in that binding written agreement. If you find anything that you need to demystify, don’t hesitate to talk about it with the lender or dealer. Everything must be transparent and fair between you and the lender or dealer before you seal the deal with your signature.

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